Oak Storage Benches

Oak Storage Benches, hope chests & other goods made of wood… We feature heirloom-quality, finely crafted oak storage benches in Sleigh, Mission, Deacon & Chest styles; including “Themed Chest Benches” inset with either a deer, pheasant, bass, farm, windmill, or newly added, “Golf” motif. Lovingly finished to perfection, each piece adds beautiful, useful storage to any home or office decor. Stow hats, gloves, boots & umbrellas in an entryway; books, videos, or DVDs in a great room; lingerie, shoes, & blankets in a bedroom. Especially great in apartments, condos, or Florida estates, cabins…any place needing quality, functional furniture, reasonably priced. (Plus, matching mirrors to accent the benches – click “Mirrors” for combo prices!). Oak and/or cedar hope (blanket) chests, flag cases, and a quilt rack round out our array of unique oak storage solutions. (Special note: products can be ordered as “unfinshed” – email us for details about storage units in Queens, New York)

Stress Busters

Using Meditation or a fort lauderdale wellness coach to reduce stress

    • Look for a quiet environment and find your own space where you feel calm and relaxed.
    • Sit down on a chair or with your legs in a cross-legged position. Make sure your spine is erect.
    • Observe your breath, as it flows in and out. Focus on your breathing while you sit quietly. When your mind wanders bring it back to your breath.
    • Repeat a word or a series of words to yourself to gain control of your restless mind.
    • Meditation can lower your heart rate, tension, stress, and resting blood pressure.

Here are a few strategies to help reduce stress.

    • Engage in pleasurable activity that’s fun and doesn’t involve high calorie simple sugar food.
    • Take control of the situation to minimize the pressure.
    • Keep blood sugars level and steady by eating a variety of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in each meal. Spread your meals out every three to four hours throughout the day. A well balanced meal will reduce the tendancy to grab processed foods.
    • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits daily to keep blood sugars balanced.
    • Working out will improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve self esteem. Maintain a consistent cardio and weight training program. (Exercise 3-5 days a week)
    • Stay away from diets and don’t cut off any one food group. High protein diets that restrict carbohydrates don’t provide enough energy for the body to make it through stressful periods in the day.
    • Get enough rest to help the body recover from your day. Take a cat nap or go to bed a little earlier each night. Rest is important especially during stressful times. Be sure to visit a Rockland dental specialists for more tips!

Sauna and Sunshine

The summer’s here and with it, we hope, some sunshine. There is no doubt that human beings generally adore lounging around in the warmth of the sun; our mood improves and most enjoy the appearance of a tanned skin. What a sad quirk of nature that sunshine can be so damaging. Here we look at how the sun damages the skin, therapies to reverse that damage and ways to enjoy the sun whilst reducing the risks.

What makes up sunshine?
Sunshine is made up of a spectrum of radiation from infra-red (the warmth) through visible light to ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays (UVR) that interest us are UVA and UVB (UVC exists but is blocked almost entirely by the ozone layer).
UVR is filtered to an extent by the earth’s atmosphere so when the sun is directly overhead on a summer’s day at noon there is far less atmosphere to travel through than on a winter’s day or towards evening when the sun lies lower in the sky. Close to the equator or high in the mountains the rays are travelling an even shorter distance making them much stronger. Reflective surfaces such as snow, sand and water will also increase the power of UVR with a sauna detox Connecticut.

Exercise and Aging

The benefits of exercise have long been hailed as key to living a longer, healthier life. For younger, active people, exercise is an option. But for the senior citizen wishing to live a fuller, more active life, it is imperative.

Recent studies on aging prove exercise, strength training and wellness programs can vastly enhance the quality of life for the frail and elderly, by retarding and even reversing some of the aging process. In fact, strength and fitness programs can increase muscle mass and bone density in people of any age, reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, and help older adults lead more useful, independent lives.

“Biologically we can reverse the aging process by 15 to 25 years. We can do that by becoming stronger.”

Miriam Nelson, PhD., Tufts University scientist and specialist in aging.

“High-intensity strength training is a feasible and effective means of counteracting muscle weakness and physical frailty in very elderly people.”

Tufts University Research Study

Research shows that approximately 70% of the costs related to sickness and disease in the elderly have to do with preventable illness.  Healthier seniors translate into substantial cost-savings, not only for themselves, but for their families and caregivers as well. When residents of retirement communities, independent living and assisted-living centers participate in the program, they can live longer, healthier lives, resulting in lower turnover rates for the facility. And as turnover expenses in units decrease, profits increase. Consult a back doctor in Clifton NJ before attempting any strenuous exercise activity.