Your site must have substantively unique content. Anything you’ve personally written is unique, so articles are a great example. Self-replicating websites, however, won’t get past this rule. If your business relies heavily on affiliate schemes, make sure you have some content, such as original reviews, about them.

It is generally also advisable that your website loads in a reasonable time, is well designed and generally looks professional. Basically, put yourself in their shoes. They want their directory to be the best quality directory. Therefore, they want quality, professional, functional websites for their users. So, if yours is a one page sales letter, you might have to make some changes. Get some well-presented content on your site, articles related to your subject for example (use an article library to supplement your own) You can always change your site back once you’ve got your listing!

Many people are going to flinch at having to pay out to be listed at Yahoo! and use professional SEO services. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, “there isn’t no such thing a s a free lunch”! Many Internet search engines are huge companies, that eventually have to make a profit, so this trend can only develop further. Compare the costs with offline advertising in newspapers, telephone directories, and then compare the exposure you get from Yahoo!. Suddenly, $199 doesn’t seem so expensive after all!


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