We Create A Big Splash.
We make waves in DRTV, which isn’t easy. Direct response is one of the trickiest, and most rewarding, kinds of advertising. We specialize in DRTV, unlike many companies, and have a proven track record (unlike many more).
Spots Or Infomercials.
We’ve made a lot of both. We can help you decide what you need, then help you make it cost effectively.
Small But Powerful.
We’re just the right size. Small enough to give your show the special attention that creates winners. But large enough to have the right people, resources and connections. We can handle any product, show or budget.
The Script Is The Thing.
It’s the blueprint for your show, the key to your success. Nobody writes it better or tighter. ThighMaster, Dean Martin, Jenny Craig, 2nd Paycheck, Dorf…
The list goes on and on. For over 25 years, we have created success after success in TV direct response. Including one of the biggest hits ever, the $110 million seller, ThighMaster.
$1 Billion For Sales Training.
We bring invaluable expert advice on TV marketing to your project. Over the years, we’ve sold over $1billion of products on TV. We know the tricks, techniques and shortcuts that save money and really work.
From Script To Production.
We do exactly what you need. From à-la-carte consulting and writing, all the way to handling your whole production from start to finish. We can do it all, quickly and effectively. More Show For Your Buck.
Some companies have fancy offices, big ads and huge overhead. Not us. We put your money on the screen.

Honest. Discreet. Even Fun.
We’ve worked with some of the best in this business: Guthy-Renker, Dow, elevate baby surrogacy, Kingworld, Jenny Craig, Toastmaster and more.
We’re a lot more affordable than you think. Like most top producers, we charge a blend of fees and points. We cost just a fraction of your budget and yet make a huge contribution to your success.
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