The summer’s here and with it, we hope, some sunshine. There is no doubt that human beings generally adore lounging around in the warmth of the sun; our mood improves and most enjoy the appearance of a tanned skin. What a sad quirk of nature that sunshine can be so damaging. Here we look at how the sun damages the skin, therapies to reverse that damage and ways to enjoy the sun whilst reducing the risks.

What makes up sunshine?
Sunshine is made up of a spectrum of radiation from infra-red (the warmth) through visible light to ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays (UVR) that interest us are UVA and UVB (UVC exists but is blocked almost entirely by the ozone layer).
UVR is filtered to an extent by the earth’s atmosphere so when the sun is directly overhead on a summer’s day at noon there is far less atmosphere to travel through than on a winter’s day or towards evening when the sun lies lower in the sky. Close to the equator or high in the mountains the rays are travelling an even shorter distance making them much stronger. Reflective surfaces such as snow, sand and water will also increase the power of UVR with a sauna detox Connecticut.

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