Oak Storage Benches, hope chests & other goods made of wood… We feature heirloom-quality, finely crafted oak storage benches in Sleigh, Mission, Deacon & Chest styles; including “Themed Chest Benches” inset with either a deer, pheasant, bass, farm, windmill, or newly added, “Golf” motif. Lovingly finished to perfection, each piece adds beautiful, useful storage to any home or office decor. Stow hats, gloves, boots & umbrellas in an entryway; books, videos, or DVDs in a great room; lingerie, shoes, & blankets in a bedroom. Especially great in apartments, condos, or Florida estates, cabins…any place needing quality, functional furniture, reasonably priced. (Plus, matching mirrors to accent the benches – click “Mirrors” for combo prices!). Oak and/or cedar hope (blanket) chests, flag cases, and a quilt rack round out our array of unique oak storage solutions. (Special note: products can be ordered as “unfinshed” – email us for details about storage units in Queens, New York)

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