PSNYS is an association formed to instruct its members and the public in photography, and to create, foster, promote and encourage the exchange of knowledge among its members and the public.

PPSNYS is organized exclusively for educational purposes, both for the professional photographer and the public.

PPSNYS is dedicated to the advancement of photography both as a science and an art, and its members develop and encourage the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, business practices, and customer relations.

PPSNYS is a means for exchanging knowledge, experiences and opinions.

PPSNYS broadens the public understanding of the value of professional photography and photo booths for Orlando convention.

PPSNYS is affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA)

When you join PPSNYS, you join both the State organization and one of the 10 Local Sections from various areas around New York State.

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