Oak Storage Benches

Oak Storage Benches, hope chests & other goods made of wood… We feature heirloom-quality, finely crafted oak storage benches in Sleigh, Mission, Deacon & Chest styles; including “Themed Chest Benches” inset with either a deer, pheasant, bass, farm, windmill, or newly added, “Golf” motif. Lovingly finished to perfection, each piece adds beautiful, useful storage to any home or office decor. Stow hats, gloves, boots & umbrellas in an entryway; books, videos, or DVDs in a great room; lingerie, shoes, & blankets in a bedroom. Especially great in apartments, condos, or Florida estates, cabins…any place needing quality, functional furniture, reasonably priced. (Plus, matching mirrors to accent the benches – click “Mirrors” for combo prices!). Oak and/or cedar hope (blanket) chests, flag cases, and a quilt rack round out our array of unique oak storage solutions. (Special note: products can be ordered as “unfinshed” – email us for details about storage units in Queens, New York)

Stress Busters

Using Meditation or a fort lauderdale wellness coach to reduce stress

    • Look for a quiet environment and find your own space where you feel calm and relaxed.
    • Sit down on a chair or with your legs in a cross-legged position. Make sure your spine is erect.
    • Observe your breath, as it flows in and out. Focus on your breathing while you sit quietly. When your mind wanders bring it back to your breath.
    • Repeat a word or a series of words to yourself to gain control of your restless mind.
    • Meditation can lower your heart rate, tension, stress, and resting blood pressure.

Here are a few strategies to help reduce stress.

    • Engage in pleasurable activity that’s fun and doesn’t involve high calorie simple sugar food.
    • Take control of the situation to minimize the pressure.
    • Keep blood sugars level and steady by eating a variety of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in each meal. Spread your meals out every three to four hours throughout the day. A well balanced meal will reduce the tendancy to grab processed foods.
    • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits daily to keep blood sugars balanced.
    • Working out will improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve self esteem. Maintain a consistent cardio and weight training program. (Exercise 3-5 days a week)
    • Stay away from diets and don’t cut off any one food group. High protein diets that restrict carbohydrates don’t provide enough energy for the body to make it through stressful periods in the day.
    • Get enough rest to help the body recover from your day. Take a cat nap or go to bed a little earlier each night. Rest is important especially during stressful times. Be sure to visit a Rockland dental specialists for more tips!

Sauna and Sunshine

The summer’s here and with it, we hope, some sunshine. There is no doubt that human beings generally adore lounging around in the warmth of the sun; our mood improves and most enjoy the appearance of a tanned skin. What a sad quirk of nature that sunshine can be so damaging. Here we look at how the sun damages the skin, therapies to reverse that damage and ways to enjoy the sun whilst reducing the risks.

What makes up sunshine?
Sunshine is made up of a spectrum of radiation from infra-red (the warmth) through visible light to ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays (UVR) that interest us are UVA and UVB (UVC exists but is blocked almost entirely by the ozone layer).
UVR is filtered to an extent by the earth’s atmosphere so when the sun is directly overhead on a summer’s day at noon there is far less atmosphere to travel through than on a winter’s day or towards evening when the sun lies lower in the sky. Close to the equator or high in the mountains the rays are travelling an even shorter distance making them much stronger. Reflective surfaces such as snow, sand and water will also increase the power of UVR with a sauna detox Connecticut.

Exercise and Aging

The benefits of exercise have long been hailed as key to living a longer, healthier life. For younger, active people, exercise is an option. But for the senior citizen wishing to live a fuller, more active life, it is imperative.

Recent studies on aging prove exercise, strength training and wellness programs can vastly enhance the quality of life for the frail and elderly, by retarding and even reversing some of the aging process. In fact, strength and fitness programs can increase muscle mass and bone density in people of any age, reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, and help older adults lead more useful, independent lives.

“Biologically we can reverse the aging process by 15 to 25 years. We can do that by becoming stronger.”

Miriam Nelson, PhD., Tufts University scientist and specialist in aging.

“High-intensity strength training is a feasible and effective means of counteracting muscle weakness and physical frailty in very elderly people.”

Tufts University Research Study

Research shows that approximately 70% of the costs related to sickness and disease in the elderly have to do with preventable illness.  Healthier seniors translate into substantial cost-savings, not only for themselves, but for their families and caregivers as well. When residents of retirement communities, independent living and assisted-living centers participate in the program, they can live longer, healthier lives, resulting in lower turnover rates for the facility. And as turnover expenses in units decrease, profits increase. Consult a back doctor in Clifton NJ before attempting any strenuous exercise activity.

Renting Photo Booths

Naturally, the first thing that needs to be mentioned when it comes to renting a photo booth is how to avoid getting scammed. Whether it’s the price or the photo booth itself, there will always be people trying to wash their hands of all blame from a failed photo booth rental. Some of the damage we see on older photo booths is the result of improper photo booth care. The way the photo booths are handled can result in a lot of permanent damage to photos or the booth itself.

It’s best to avoid using rough gloves when handling photos because most old pictures are very fragile. Pictures can easily rip or become damaged in another way simply because they were mishandled. Fort Lauderdale photo booths for rent are a great way to learn how to properly handle pictures to ensure that they stay at peak condition.

While gloves have always been notorious for leaving prints and ripping photos, a lesser known danger is our skin. Our skin produces natural substances that can be detrimental to photographs especially when they were taken recently. Dealing with this setback is one of the many aspects of renting a photo booth.

Our Fitness Coaches

Greenwich Crossfit takes pride in all of our fitness endeavors.

After lunch, Marsha Mueller, L.A.C. and owner of Different Drummer Acupuncture spoke about acupuncture and it’s healing effect in not only common racewalking injuries but common ailments associated with the active individual.  Not necessary, though.

Tim then lectured on racewalk training – the purpose, kinds of, and tips and tricks for success.  He then presented an in-depth discussion on utilizing a heart rate monitor for optimum training and an explanation on the 5 Heart Rate Zones in a training program.  Tim shared his training regimen and training log with the group, which was fascinating and intriguing.  It’s not very often when one is able to meet, see and learn from one of the best in the sport, a proven expert in the field and a American Record Owner and Olympian.  Obviously, participants were attentive to all Tim had to share and apply it to their own training schedules.  Afterward, more drill work was conducted outside and the day’s events concluded with group dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday morning, Dave Harkin of the Portland Running Company provided a good overview of shoes most conducive for the racewalker, what to look for in a shoe and how to tell if a shoe is right for you.  Shoes are really the only piece of equipment racewalkers need so this discussion was very important to the participants. Dave fielded a number of questions from the class and answered them in his typical funny and outgoing way.  The fact that he provided participants a discount on their next purchase at the Portland Running Company was very well received.  As were the free socks!

Then, participants went back outside to continue with more drills and technique work.  Despite being sore from the previous days activities, attendees dove into more one-on-one coaching from all the coaches.   One of the consistent surprises resulting from the Racewalk Retreat is when participants view the videotaping of the second mile predict, held Sunday morning.  Participants compared their techniques in the first videotape (Saturday morning) and then again on Sunday.  It’s amazing how Tim, Judy, John and Kelly transformed many of the ‘walkers’ into true, legal racewalkers.  And, for those more experienced racewalkers, they learned how to refine their technique to be more legal, smooth and faster.  “I think I got more than I hoped for from this course.”  Dave Walter, Woodburn, OR.

All that remains now is for attendees to take what they’ve learned, practice it and apply it to their own training schedules.  The retreat concluded with everyone’s goals and expectations being met.  This included Tim’s, who at the very beginning of the retreat wanted the participants to walk away saying, “this is the best one ever.”  Well Tim, looks like even your goal was accomplished.

“It was a very good introduction to Racewalking – only wish I had done it sooner.” Jane. A. Kennedy, Portland, OR

Visit the Ero-Fit Gallery for more pictures from the 7th Annual Racewalk Retreat. 

Unique Stories from Participants 
Photographer to Racewalker Bob
One of the biggest surprises of the retreat had to be that of Bob Bahner (Portland, OR).  Bob came to photograph the retreat for a couple of hours only.  He became so enamored in the sport that he took time out of his picture taking to try it out.  After a few laps and some one-on-one instruction by Tim and Judy, Bob was racewalking. And he was doing a great job at it!  Bob, who spent 26 years in the advertising industry last year started out on his own to do freelance photography and opening his own handyman business.  He decided to make other life changes like loosing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.  Being a neighbor of Judy’s, she asked him if he would attend the retreat for a couple of hours and take a few pictures of the participants.  Bob not only took beautiful photographs of all the retreat activities but ended up becoming a participant himself!  His new goal is to compete in the State Games of Oregon in July. With a little more coaching and personal training from Judy, Bob is well on his way to be quite a competitive racewalker.

Friendly Competition at St. Vincent’s Hospital
Heidi Lindner and Irene & Dave Walter came to the racewalk retreat to learn how to get better at the sport and be more competitive in their Portland to Coast team. All three are nurses at St. Vincent hospital, Heidi in the ER and Irene and Dave in the IC center.  The three connected through various team activities and a common interest in health and fitness. This health craze really started to take off at St. V’s and a Portland to Coast team was developed (Team DNR – Do Not Run). Since then, another St. V’s team started (Beach Bone Babes) and a friendly competition developed – even sign up forms were being routed at the hospital to vote who will win this year’s race.  But, the real compelling thing is how racewalking and the Portland to Coast race have brought together two departments in this company.  “There’s a lot more working together, and a camaraderie” and a trust seems to have stemmed from having something in common — health, fitness and racewalking.” (Dave Walter, Woodburn, OR)

Taking the Bet from a Caring Friend – And Winning!
Annmarie Bruning took the bet from friend, Loyce.  Loyce challenged Annmarie, a 2-pack a day smoker for 25 years and in overall poor health, to walk a marathon and quit smoking.  Instead of Annmarie simply walking away and laughing off such a ridiculous challenge, she took on Loyce’s challenge and started her journey, one baby-step at a time.  Before all this, Annmarie was unable to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing.  Now, she has two marathons under her belt, is on a competitive Portland to Coast walking team and continues to make improvements to her life.  In her first marathon, having only stopped smoking for 6 months, she finished in 8 hours and 10 minutes.  The following year, 18 months a non-smoker and taking Judy Heller’s workshops and past Racewalk Retreat attendees, she finished the marathon in 6 hours and 17 minutes.  And, she’s not stopping there. (16C)  Now, three years of non-smoking behind her, she is still continuing her healthy lifestyle and has goals for even more competitive race.  And, she owes all of this to a concerned friend, Loyce, who not only provided her the challenge to make a change in her life, but also provided her the baby-steps she needed to be successful.

“You can sit where you are or move on”
Sally Warberg is a 68 year old from Twin Falls, ID.  She has suffered with fibromyalgia for years and often times found herself lying on a heating pad on the couch with extreme pain. Also added to that was an unhealthy marriage which found Sally often was in the mindset of “feeling sorry for herself.”  One day while on the couch, she received a message from the Oprah Winfrey show that basically stated, “You can sit where you are or you can move on.”  Taking that as her personal call, she filed for divorce the next day and thus started a new life for Sally.  She also joined an “Over 60 & Getting Fit” group where she met a friend who suggested she participate in a local “fun run.”  Sally has not looked back since.  She found herself participating in a number of local races and coming in first in her age division and even winning many races.  She was still flagged with the pain from her fibromyalgia but decided that “keeping your mind busy so that you don’t focus on the pain” was more important.

Enter… Racewalking into Sally’s Life
Finding herself getting faster as she continued these races, she bought books and videotapes on racewalking and become self-educated in the sport.  She then entered a “Women’s Fitness” race and qualified in the first year but was disqualified* in her second.  Feeling very disappointed in this, she contacted Kelly Murphey-Glenn, who started the Racewalk Club in Idaho.  Through some coaching and participating with other racewalkers in her community, Kelly got Sally involved in the Portland to Coast relay and compete in the Hayward Classic, a regional race held in Eugene, OR.   Sally has now been racewalking for 2-1/2 years and has just completed her 8th marathon.

In 1999, when Sally was 66, she did her first full marathon in Kona, Hawaii (placing first in her age division).  Being that she has two grandchildren with diabetes, she felt compelled to be on the Team Diabetes team in honor of them.  Her goal was to complete the marathon in less than 6 hours – when she crossed the finish line; the reader board read 5:59:49!!!  Sally is working on getting the “triple medal of music marathons” having completed the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half-Marathon, the Nashville Half-Marathon (where she proudly recounts her meeting with Reba McIntire and finishing 2nd in her age division) and is getting ready for the full Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego.

Despite her fibromyalgia and also a sufferer of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, Sally continues her journey of being active and healthy by living her motto, “All things are possible for those who believe.”  Sally, we All believe in you.

* Olympic-style racewalking is a judged event in which there are two rules to the sport – the knee of the advancing leg is straight at the point of contact (where they meet the ground (“bent knee”) and one foot needs to be on the ground at all time (“lifting”).
Judy Heller
Judy’s goal as a personal trainer and coach is in empowering clients to define and reach their fitness health goals and live lives in peace, balance, passion and purpose.  She is a personal health and fitness trainer, coach, motivator and educator as well as an experts in walking and racewalk competition.  As a personal trainer, she is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Senior Fitness Association (SFA), YMCA/Reebok Walk Instructor and USAT&F Coach, Official and RW Judge.  Judy is also the Co-Director of the Portland to Coast Walk Relay (the longest and largest walking relay in the world) and Director of the Racewalk Division of the Portland Marathon and 5-miler.  Judy’s personal philosophy in personal training can be captured in her statement, “I watch my clients reinvent themselves, achieve and surpass their goals, I see them expand in self esteem, personal power and improve the quality of their everyday life.”  For a full bio on Judy, visit http://www.erofit.com/judybio.htm

Tim Seaman
Tim Seaman has competed in the Olympic Games, IAAF World Championships, Pan American Games, Goodwill Games, and the World University Games.  He has been a member of the US Nation Team since 1993.  He holds the US junior records in the 3k, 5k, 10k, and also holds senior records in the 3k, 5k, 10k, 15k, and 20k track records.  He is also a 10-time National Champion.  Tim is coached by Enrique Pena and is associated with the New York AC Club.  For a complete listing of Tim’s career highlights, championships and records, click here.

John Hanan
John is a USAFT Coach/Official/RW Judge, USSCA – Nordic Discipline.  He is co-founder of the Portland-to-Coast Relay.  He has been a competitive racewalker since 1986 and coaching the sport since 1988.  He has co-founded many racewalk retreats in Virginia and Idaho as well as Oregon.  He has won the titles of “American Racewalk Association Outstanding Coach” and “The American Racewalk Association Instructor of the Year.”  John brings to the retreat key insights and personal experiences that many of the attendees can draw upon.

Kelly Murphey-Glenn
Kelly was the overall winner of the Nike World Masters Games 10k (53:38) and holds the title of National Masters Champion in 1996 and 1997. She has been rated among the top 20 elite female walkers in the U.S.  She is the founder of Idaho Racewalking and has been coaching the sport since 1996. Kelly was also USATF 2000 Walker of the Year for women 35-39.   Her sense of humor and personal experiences of her involvement with the sport brought a lot of fun to these retreats.




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About Carver’s Edge…

 Welcome to the Carvers Edge!  This site will be dedicated to the beginner and intermediate carver who perhaps needs a little encouragement or help as he or she pursues this new found art form.

  We are in the process of constructing the site so please be patient with us. One of the first things we made operative was the Message Board so that you might be able to talk to other carvers about a problem you are having such as not finding the right photo booth rental Orlando. Or perhaps a question on where to find information about a certain tool or carving technique. It’s your site so have a go at it. It will take us some time to get registered with the search engines so hang on and spread the word. Watch us grow.

  The Carvers Edge has nothing to sell so you don’t need to lock up your wallet. We hope to be able to feature the work of other carvers from time to time. It should make for an interesting Gallery. For now, I will be sharing some of the things that I have been doing over the past year. May 2001 will mark my 1st year in carving and I must say it’s been great fun. I am a retired professional commercial photographer,so making images is in my blood, that is, what there is left after a year in carving 😉

  We will try to make this site as informative and fun as possible. If you have ideas about subjects to cover let us know. We will do our best to make it interesting for everybody.

  I belong to The Wilderness Center Woodcarvers club. Located in Wilmot Ohio. We meet every 2nd & 4th Saturday at 9:00. If you’re in the area, stop on by. We have a great time bleeding and carving. We have a bunch of great people, very talented, and willing to share what they know.

  Again I say, welcome to the site. I sure would be glad to hear from you.


PSNYS is an association formed to instruct its members and the public in photography, and to create, foster, promote and encourage the exchange of knowledge among its members and the public.

PPSNYS is organized exclusively for educational purposes, both for the professional photographer and the public.

PPSNYS is dedicated to the advancement of photography both as a science and an art, and its members develop and encourage the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, business practices, and customer relations.

PPSNYS is a means for exchanging knowledge, experiences and opinions.

PPSNYS broadens the public understanding of the value of professional photography and photo booths for Orlando convention.

PPSNYS is affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. (PPA)

When you join PPSNYS, you join both the State organization and one of the 10 Local Sections from various areas around New York State.

A Take on Being Obese

It’s also one of the curses of the formerly obese and the perennially dieting. People with extra fat cells may be able to shrink these cells and get great results, but since their fat cells don’t just disappear, they tend to regain lost weight rapidly if they’re not careful. Those “insidious little sponges” are just waiting to be fed, so it takes some real commitment and care to keep the weight off permanently.

However, like many shuffles of the genetic cards, what you are dealt may be less important than how you play the hand. We all went to school both with people who seemed to get As without cracking a book, and with others who had to put in long hours of studying. Ultimately, your performance during a jump rope program has more to do with knowing what and who you are — and then working with that — instead of fighting it. If you like adventure, Boggy top  offshore charters destin is the best choice for you.